Is There Food?

by Daniel Woolstencroft

Day of the Dead: Arrow UK release

I picked up the new R2 release of Day of the Dead (published by Arrow Films) because I’d hoped that the audio problems present in the otherwise excellent Anchor Bay R1 release (mentioned here) would be fixed. Sadly, they’re not; the audio track used is identical to the Anchor Bay release. To prove this, and to make sure that anyone who’s thinking of getting this version is informed, I’ve put together a few sound clips. There are six sections of audio that are incorrect. The first three listed are what I consider to be the most significant, and by that I mean I didn’t notice the other three until tonight’s little exercise.

Warning: If you’re currently blissfully unaware of the errors, or are over the moon with your copy and can overlook these flaws, DO NOT LISTEN TO THESE FILES. Trust me, the errors are so glaringly shite that if you listen to them here you won’t be able to miss them next time you watch the film. Also, for some reason the timecodes for the new Arrow release are different. The original Arrow and Anchor Bay releases are in sync, the new one isn’t. I’ve not had a change to determine why yet - I suspect it’s PAL speed-up, but why does the original Arrow release sync up?

John (timed at 00:09:35 and 00:09:10) - Original Arrow | New Arrow | Anchor Bay

Sarah (timed at 01:11:22 and 01:08:27) - Original Arrow | New Arrow | Anchor Bay

Steel (timed at 01:20:30 and 01:17:15) - Original Arrow | New Arrow | Anchor Bay

Note - the following three clips are only presented in good and bad format. I’ve checked all three editions and the AB and new Arrow releases are still the same, I just stopped taking clips at this point.

Crazy (timed at ) - Good | Bad

Gunshot (timed at ) - Good | Bad

Spic (timed at ) - Good | Bad

I really, really love this film, and I can’t ignore these problems with existing versions. Maybe I’m just incredibly anal - this exercise certainly proves that - but I wish someone would fix these errors and release a genuinely excellent edition of Day.